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fun concept. great way to kill a few minutes wrestling with the controls desperately trying not to kill the ants

loved the concept and had so much fun playing it 

I think I somehow broke the game BADLY for some reason? What am I missing?


first of all I like the idea of it, but I think there are problems with the controls being so slow and when I changed the moving sensitivity it changed nothing, and there should be more buttons to control the finger because I struggled crowning the princess without killing her, I wish you luck with that project


This was a super adorable game and the story was perfect! It really looked great and suited the theme and music that also went perfectly together with the rest of the game!

The different personalities of the ants added a great depth to the characters and livened things up a lot. The little challenged in between were fun and just hard enough to make it challenging. The ending was super adorable and well made!

Great little game and a fun play!

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I can't launch it, it says "The code execution cannot proceed because d3dx9_43.dll was not found."


install directx9


Sorry, but it wont launch correctly for me :( Im on windows.


Just great game that's all I have to say play it for yourself it funny and a bit challenging in a very comedic way. 


here is me playing this very fun game about ants!!


i have never raged so hard in my life. i have type 5 diabetes and you made my blood sugar go up and i had to go the the hospital because i was out of insulin you asshole


were you ok afterwards?

This was unique and creative. Hats off to you sir. 

Starts at 5:45

A short and sweet joke game, though the controls feel pretty bad if I gotta be honest.

Oh, just so silly. It somehow reminds me of octodad, the engine looks the same and it is so well made and beautifully crafted for such a short joke game. How talented people waste their time, well done, love it and played it a lot of times.


(Pun warning) This is an excell-ant, brilli-ant, and exuber-ant indie game where you play as an Antbassador to the kingdom of Antopia, where you can meet Queen Antoinette. Yeah, it's that kind of game.

It is really annoying and I want to smash something


anyone here watch captain sauce play this game on 3 random game series


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I played it on YouTube for anyone who wants to see

I really liked the game! * Although I had a little hard with the pc mouse


Great game! I know it likely wasn't meant to be a huge game, but I'd honestly love it if there were to be a more developed sequel. I truly think it's that good of a game.


I saw Markiplier play this a long time ago and decided to try it out.

I noticed that this is built on Octodad's engine. Are you part of the dev team for OctoDad?

I tried out the test levels just to see, a little bit of messin with the physics settings in the Antopia level, hope you don't mind. :D

That's right, I'm one of the Octodad devs! As are all the others who worked on Antbassador.

It's perfectly fine to mess with the editor and levels, though Antbassador doesn't have as much mod support as Octodad!

f u

please make for mac. it would be awsome.

lol i little failed soooo many time (markaplier sent me)

So I'm a giant finger working as an ambassador around ants. SOLD! Do I even need to say more? Good music, interesting controlls and great gameplay. I had alot of fun playing this.

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~

Super cute game you have here~ I felt bad for killing the ants by accident, but I admit I laughed at the crushing sound. This game is short and sweet, but I honestly wouldn't have minded if there were more levels or an extended version of this some day. The ants were just so cute, and I loved the way they talked. 

Overall, I enjoyed playing this~ Great job~

great idea, nice concept, love it ! This must be completed. Congrat team

Wonderfully written, with super unique physics mechanics that I really enjoyed! Just difficult enough to be comedic but not enough to make me rage quit haha. 

Please, please make this longer! I was having too much fun for it to end! WARNING that our gameplay does contain some swearing!

this was such a great little story! The hand physics weren't to difficult or cumbersome which made this so enjoyable! 

Here comes the Antbassador!

How do you get it the game run?

same problem.

Antonio will never see the light of day again!

What a lovely and silly game full of love, anger and passion! :P But seriously this game was really funny and awesome! 

Please just.. make more levels! its soo fun!

this game is so old i remember when i play it

Thank you for the giggles, Antonio

Weird how this is only just getting its time in the spotlight, because Antbassador is a pretty fun game. Short, but fun. The floppy finger physics pose an interesting challenge for the player as they try to assist the fragile little ant people and the music suits the quirky tone of everything.

Good job on this, devs.

jacksepticeye played your game!  

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