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Such a fun little game!

The only way to make peace was through spilling a teeny tiny bit of blood

Some was not intentional,but hey nobody needs to know....

This was pretty hillarious, awesome work!

I enjoyed play this even though it is short and it didn't have the right screen resolution (that didn't effect game play ) it was still alot of fun thank you

here is a link to my channel:

and here is the video: 

Hi i put your game in a compilation and it was the last game i played :D.

Now this game had me raging a lot lol the video was only about 3 minutes but i spent about 7 minutes just trying to get the hats of the two solder ants lmao.



I randomly found your game and had to give it a go cuz it looked so freakin' weird, and it was! What a nice treat, it made me nostalgic for some ant-based stuff from my childhood like SimAnts and Honey I Shrunk The Kids :D :D :D

Thanks for the sweet game! Keep making stuff peez. 

And enjoy the Lumps Play! Cheers. 🍻

FR | Le jeu est vraiment fun, malgré qu'il soit très court ! Si jamais ca t'intéresse de te faire un petit avis sur le jeu avant d'y jouer ;)

This had me laughing out loud. So much fun, and such a different concept with genuine confusing and frustrating parts! Really enjoyed!

This is really cute!

Haven't gotten around to actually posting this until now! Though! This was a cute, and quirky game truly. I did get stuck on the ants fighting, though that was just me rushing through it over and over again. Great indie game over all!

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AMAZING! Loved it, made a video of me playing it! XD

Quite nice game with a great plot twits in the end :P

great bit of weirdness, would love for it to get more levels and such

Well I love this game... 

I played this last night after a few drinks. Probably made it harder, haha. Very fun game though.

Not easy but, manageable it's gameplay kind of reminds me a bit of little big planet.


Hey dude, I love games like this! - I would love to see the end game or something that comes off of this, great concept. Need more like this.

This game was really silly and fun! Kind of wish I could have overthrown the crown, but that's alright :D


Made a video 

i found this game very entertaining even tho i think i broke it at the end XD overall really good job on creating this! :D

I love this so much, it was a bit frustrating to play but that's because I am Incompetent.



It won't open for me.

Yes, I ran DirectX before opening the file

Does it open and then crash, or does it just do nothing? What are your specs?

gg one had lots of fun with this could one could play more hope thee makes more levels here if is my playthrough 


Nice game.

Great game. Hope you expand on it or make it into chapters. Would love to play more of this...  :)


"A DUEL IS IT?!??! HAVE AT THEE!!!!!!!!" -one poke later-  "Our allience has been sealed by blood. Let us hope it is the last drop."

This game was legit funny as hell, and I got to kill ants...(didnt mean to) not to mention I made a wife in such a short time.. overall I say its been a good day (those poor ants)

Well... I MARRIED an ant today. Can't say I am a proud husband; she has already sexually abused me. Anyway, this game was f*cking LIT, or should I say ANT! HaHaHa, I am cringe. Betta Bee more updates for this game soon Dev.

This game was pretty neat, to bad it didn't have that secret ending I was hoping for. Oh and I did a gameplay too.

Awesome game! Lots of fun, I wish the controls were a little easier to deal with (I imagine that's the point though).

Any plans to expand on the idea and make it longer? It's fun but so short.

LOL! it was a good one 🐜

It won't open for me.

Here's the error log (on Pastebin)

Hi, thanks for reporting!
Just to check, did you run the DirectX updater before playing?

This was only about five minutes of silly fun, but I enjoyed it!

I enjoyed this game, i found it funny because of the struggle of doing certain easy task and then failing at it. it wasn't frustrating but hard enough to enjoy. The style of the game nice as well  :)

Really interesting game! Somehow it reminds me of Octodad!
This sure could be continued working on. I would love to see more of this with more harder puzzles. Would be nice if this game would turn out super hard :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!


I really enjoyed this game! The story was short, yet interesting, and that's not bad at all.  The controls were a bit tricky to get used to, but it was all good fun accidentally squishing my friends.  I did a playthough of it.  My kind of humor is in this game too, which is a huge plus.


Ace game, played it 3 times through, only complaint is that i want more.  Thanks!


A very silly game. i love the concept and graphically its very well made. the controls are...difficult, but i assume that's on purpose.

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