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Having just gained sentience, The Thinker realizes that he is an immobile rock, and sets out on a journey to find meaning. Using his ability to project his soul and warp to its location, The Thinker must master puzzles of motion, patience, and precision.

I built this game over a period of several months while working on Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Though it is technically completable, I was not satisfied with I Seem To Be A Rock and didn’t have the time to truly finish it. I submitted it to the IGF in 2011, but only released it publicly in 2014 (so you can consider it somewhere between done and cancelled). Feel free to read a post-mortem and/or dev diary on its making here.


Click to fire out your soul in the direction of the mouse cursor. Click a second time to teleport to your soul’s location. You can right click to cancel a shot without teleporting.

Hit space bar to bring up an in-game menu if you want to quit or restart a level. Restarting is especially useful if you’re trying to master a level, as dying does not reset your shot count.

I’ll let you figure out how the obstacles in the game work, this is a journey of discovery, after all!


ISeemToBeARock-10-17-2011.exe 45 MB

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